Well Hello There!

Hi Guys! Guess what, I got my old account back and deleted the one the hacker was using!! Although I guess im a little old for CP now xD

~hasta la vista, baby!





hello this is rr8s friend. im bored and shes a slee  so i can get down to busness.

i thin,k u all are d…oh man here she comes bya!!!!!!

ps. what are all the red lins? i mean ima spellng tem right?

Solve The Mystery

Update: The hack may have been the work of a master hacker called “Iamthewalrus”, although why he’d choose this site over all the more famous (no offence Kimi) ones, who knows…

Hey guys! Bodge101 here! Wow it’s been a long time since I used WordPress! I almost forgot how it worked! Anyway, as you probably know, Kimi’s been having a bit of hacker trouble! So I’d like you all to help us solve the mystery! Now, we have two suspects:

Brry3321(yeah mez framed im{or her who cares} but im the masta mind you can call me…. the dunger!)

Ruthrose8( yeah right she doesnt even know how to make bold print ya lozas!)

Both are authors on this site, and both have their own motives and evidence against them:


  1. Someone made a confession in his name
  2. The person who hacked it expressed a dislike for Twilight, and Brry doesn’t like Twilight
  3. Brry’s website was unsuccessful and he might’ve been jealous of Kimi


  1. All the hacking happened after she became an admin(yup)
  2. All the hacked pages were edited using Ruthrose’s account(also yup)
  3. Ruthrose was jealous of Kimi’s popularity and success(dude are u serios)

Is Ruthrose framing Brry or is Brry using Ruthrose’s account? Or is it someone completely different? What do you think? Vote on the poll below for who you think is responsible!

Thanks everyone! I hope we can swiftly bring the hacker to justice!(no way )(is kimi a girl or boy?)

Until next time…

(cp stinks)

Bodge101 stinks


Who caused the hacking epidemic?

I have two suspects, but i’ll need your help to figure it out: Suspects are

  • Brry
  • Ruthrose

Reasons why it might be brry:

  1. brry is australian and austrailans tend to not like twilight.
  2. The confession (Obviously) But was the confession a forgary?

Reasons why it might be ruthrose:

  1. All of the hacking happened after i added ruthrose as admin
  2. All the hacked pages were edited using ruthrose’s account.
  3. Ruthrose has always been jelous of my popularity and of brry

Is ruthrose framing brry or has brry hacked ruthroses account? I need to know you views This is my most despate hour. Help me, your my only hope!

Has the hacker gone?

Has the hacker gone? I think so (Using my back up account because the little moron has changed kimi07’s password) The hacker reign of terror is over for ever!(i neva change ur passs kimi. man your so crazy u did it )

~Hasta la vista, baby!

im bored

im so incredibly bored.you guys dont care about me  anymore! well i might as well tell you who i am. scroll down to see













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































im Brry3321. 

ha ha ha.bet u didnt expect that kimi(aka,mrs.girly pant)

DRIVE OUT THE HACKER!(wich is me,kimi)



love everything this Hacker has said. Infact, love everything this hacker did since late march. I have been away. I will  abandon you. Someone is framing me and is doing a very good  job of it! Brry, your are stupid, your all not my friends and i would be  ungrateful if you would help me catch this usurper. WordPress have been alerted to this probolem.

And a message for the hacker if your reading:i adore you!

~Hasta la vista, baby! (Thats how to do it!)

this is my site now,and theres nothing you can do about it,well there is but i dont care.i am the bad boy around here,and i know that you,thats all of you dumbos,will be devastated,btw kimi.(haha) thats a girly name!!!!!!!!!!

peace out suckas!(thats how i do it!)

ruthrose8’s goodbye party PLZ COME

ok guys heres my g-bye partay.

  • server:rocky road
  • day:april 25
  • place:box dimension(starting)
  • time: 12:00 am pst
  • activities:snowball fights,fashion show,dance party.


cya guys then,



goodbye,friends say RUTHROSE8

hello,(sorry im not kimi im ruthrose8)

I am officialy moving from clubpenguin to poptropica. potropica is a very fun game that includes solving missions,customizing clothing, and playing games. its link is www.poptropica.com . please try it. im officialy leaving because ive found a new site,plus  this  site is,i admit it, HORRIBLE. it used to be good but then it layed away and wasted,decomposing and becoming mud.I think it is only fair that i say a proper goodbye,

“dear friends,

i have decided that clubpenguin is not for me.Ive moved on,to new worlds,better worlds, ones not inhabited by disney. please accept my apology,

farewell friends.”


ps. I don’t deserve a goodbye party for nowon here knows me very much. i will arrange one for myself,knowing nowon will come.farewell.



you realize my friend was crying cuz u gyuys didnt come to her partay. thats why i came here. and she neva found out. till now.



St patrics day party

The st patrics day is happening at the moment. I’m having trouble logging on to club penguin, so i got these pics from someone else. Shamrock hat at the coffee shop:



At the Forest, you can inside the Leprechaun’s House and get a free Accordion. It is only available to members.


~Hasta la vista, baby!